We are pleased to announce a series of clinics with Mustard Shihan 8th Dan, and Thambu Shihan 8th Dan from Thursday June 2nd to Sunday June 5th 2022

We are celebrating the end of the pandemic, and getting back to a new normal, which we hope includes more time for self and family and a physically and mentally healthier lifestyle for all. We hope as many aikidoka will join us and help us start the rebuilding process.

Thursday June 2nd 2022
  • Clinic A: Instructors only – 7:30PM ~ 9:30PM + Q & A 9:30PM ~ 10:00PM

Friday, June 3rd 2022
  • Clinic B: All aikidoka – 8:00PM ~ 10:00PM

Saturday, June 4th 2022
  • Clinic C: All aikidoka – 10:30AM ~ 12:30PM
  • Clinic D: All aikidoka – 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM

Sunday, June 5th 2022
  • Clinic E: All aikidoka – 11:00AM ~ 1:00PM
  • Clinic F: All aikidoka – 1:30PM ~ 3:00PM
You can also attend the clinics via Zoom.
Click HERE to register.